i am but a child

if you see me in my baggy clothes

don’t yell at me for

i am but a child

if you see me, yet again, buried in my books

don’t give me that look for

i am but a curious child

if you see me again in the music store

don’t take me away for i am a song,

i am but a child amongst these mysterious creation

if i give you one of my “lousy” poems

don’t throw it away for

i am but a child in love


jump, my love, jump

if you want to jump off a cliff, jump

don’t ask me to push you

i won’t give you that pleasure

i’ll look down on you from the edge

we are one, you should know it by now

but if you want your own spirit back

i won’t protest

jump, my love, i’ll be watching you


be gentle when you leave

be gentle when you leave

for i have taken roots in you

when you’re ready, and i’m not,

to settle in the new arm that awaits you

be gentle

for i, too, will be searching

for my roots to settle on

when it’s time to leave, look me in the eye

and tell me, gently, that i did love


i, a creature of the night

i, a creature of the night, pray the stars would go on shining

i, a creature of the night, thrive when everyone’s asleep

i, a creature of the night, love the sweet smell of dreams

i, a creature of the night, admire the form under the sheets

i, a creature of the night, settle comfortably as i dig my mind deep



i’m uncharted, i’m your own Marianas Trench

i’m quantum physics, i’m a hieroglyph

i’m a foreign language,

i am god

and i have only one thing to ask

stay even when i’m difficult to understand