“So, you don’t mind what happens to me as long as your secret is safe? This is not how the game works.”, Finn murmurs towards the rapidly falling dusk. He lives in an old battered room at the rooftop of an almost empty building just outside the city and from the rooftop edge where he now stands, the city glows eerily as the night falls as if it knows the secret he has been hiding. Like an old sacred chant, he protected the secret with his life to protect the person he loves…or loved, but he can’t carry on anymore. He paced back to the table and slumped to a nearby chair. He looks older than his age. He’s thirty years old, so full of life and suddenly, hopeless and betrayed.

His eyes darted to a dark-red sealed envelope at the table. “Four goddamn years put to goddamn waste!”, he muttered, not taking his eyes off the envelope. He stared hopelessly at it, trying to conjure the slightest sense out of everything that has happened. “Goddammit!”

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