The Golden Buddha


During our Thailand trip in 2015, we visited the temple of the Golden Buddha in Wat Traimit. The photos above are the buddhas at the entrance.

You then take a long flight of stairs to get to the temple.

The Wat Traimit temple
The Golden Buddha

According to the story, it was made after the style of 13th-14th centuries but they said that it could have been made after that. Speculations suggest that this buddha may have been made in parts in India. At some point, the statue was plastered and covered with a thick layer of stucco to avoid being stolen. When Rama I ruled in Thailand, he ordered that all buddha statues be brought to the newly made capital, Bangkok. It was brought to its present location in Wat Traimit but was only kept under a small tin roof. Its identity was hidden for almost 200 years.

When a new temple was made to house the buddha, this is when it was rediscovered. While trying to lift the buddha, the ropes broke and the impact chipped the plaster covering and they realized that the buddha was actually made of gold.

Under the plaster, they say that it consisted of 9 parts that fit perfectly. There was also a key covered in plaster that can be used to disassemble the buddha for easier transportation.

The golden buddha weighs 5,500 kilos and the gold in the statue is estimated to be around 250 million dollars!

The temple roof directly above the Golden Buddha.

I can’t wait to go back to Thailand again.


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