Postaday #1: Childhood Memories

Back in my youth, when television was a luxury we couldn’t yet afford, I used to go to my neighbor’s house to watch television shows. Their house is just a 5-minute walk from our house, a vast rice field between two houses. On Sundays, two-hour movies are shown on TV from 9 pm until around midnight. Take note that we lived in a small town where street lights are not as abundant and some houses still use gas burners at night. My parents used to scold me every Sunday for coming home late and told me the scariest story to keep me inside at night.

She told me that one time, while she was making her way home from our other neighbor at around seven in the evening, she heard something rustle in the rice field near her. She continued walking, a little faster this time. When she almost reached our door, a loud noise came from the field and she swore she saw a bird-like creature with “tails” flew from the field towards the trees. She then told me to keep away from the rice field and always be at home before the sun sets. I promised to listen. A few months passed and the story was forgotten.

One Sunday evening, I asked my mother if I can go to our neighbor’s house. A new movie is on television and I MUST see it. To get her permission, I told her that I will bring my little brother with me. She said that it’s okay.

The movie was so good, my favorite actress was so beautiful. It’s time to go home. It was past midnight. I have to face the next big, scariest thing now; going home.

I held my little brother’s hand and started the 5-minute walk. It’s not that scary, I thought. I can hear the rice field rustle but it was because of the wind, or so I thought. The next thing I know my brother was already near our house and I was left in the middle of the road. I sprinted the remaining distance and kicked the door open. I was so scared. My brother told me that he heard a voice and a rustle so he ran. After that night, I never went out of the house after sunset. Five months later, my parents bought us a new television.

I was already in my teenage years when I learned the real story. My mother already planned to have my brother accompany me and conspired with him to scare me.

My innocent-looking, conniving little brother betrayed me.


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