do you find the thing weighing me down funny?

does it bring a smile on your face?

does it make your day better?

you know that at this point your happiness is my only concern, right?

carry on



i just want to stay in this exact moment

in this void

where nothing and everything is possible at the same time

devoid of promises, dispossessed, disconnected

nothing can reach me here


The Crow – Intro

It was noontime when Abby woke up from last night’s plunder. Her entire being revolts against the waves of unfamiliar sensations that went through her. A sudden awareness of guilt and of remorse, of exultation and of woe, then suddenly, of the harmonious rhythm of the head and of the heart. What needs to be done must be done.

Homelessness paired with an insatiable lust for revenge has taken its toll on her. Many sleepless nights have been spent hatching the perfect plot towards retribution but by morning, the plan always wasn’t good enough. It has to be perfect, swift, and final.

Her temporary home by the park is composed of pre-owned effects. A disfigured tent and a kettle; her prized possession. She doesn’t need much. It’s easier to slip from the police with little, and not heavy to the heart and pocket if taken away. She can walk past the enemy without worrying about treasures.

There aren’t many jobless and homeless people in this city and the parks are almost always empty and unguarded after the sun sets, except for two or three illicit lovers who hide in the dark and pretend they’re interested in the bushes and crows. They are the beneficiaries of Abby’s abuse. Survival is the first instinct of man and by nightfall, when the usual park-goers have left, she will be in her usual hiding spot, observing and waiting for the right moment like a tiger ready to pounce on its prey. The miscreants will start to arrive and get busy with their late-night debaucheries and the predator will feast.

Developing Your Eye II, Day Two: Mystery


Living in a communal house can sometimes mean sharing everything, even food. So when me and other housemates want to eat outside, we had to keep it a secret because telling one will result in getting all the tenants to the restaurant with just two or three people paying for the bill.

This photo is one of those times. This is the first time it’s posted on the internet.

Developing Your Eye, Day One: Home

I have been far away from home for seven years. The place where I grow up isn’t the bustling city where I live now. It is a quiet, simple, peaceful, and laid back place.thumb_540053_107707476035453_1892356505_n_1024

This photo was taken in 2010, the last time I was there. I miss it. I miss the field, the mountains, I miss the simple people and the simple life.

I miss my mother. To feel the warmth of her smile, to hear the sound of her voice again. This is what I live for.



The Golden Buddha


During our Thailand trip in 2015, we visited the temple of the Golden Buddha in Wat Traimit. The photos above are the buddhas at the entrance.

You then take a long flight of stairs to get to the temple.

The Wat Traimit temple
The Golden Buddha

According to the story, it was made after the style of 13th-14th centuries but they said that it could have been made after that. Speculations suggest that this buddha may have been made in parts in India. At some point, the statue was plastered and covered with a thick layer of stucco to avoid being stolen. When Rama I ruled in Thailand, he ordered that all buddha statues be brought to the newly made capital, Bangkok. It was brought to its present location in Wat Traimit but was only kept under a small tin roof. Its identity was hidden for almost 200 years.

When a new temple was made to house the buddha, this is when it was rediscovered. While trying to lift the buddha, the ropes broke and the impact chipped the plaster covering and they realized that the buddha was actually made of gold.

Under the plaster, they say that it consisted of 9 parts that fit perfectly. There was also a key covered in plaster that can be used to disassemble the buddha for easier transportation.

The golden buddha weighs 5,500 kilos and the gold in the statue is estimated to be around 250 million dollars!

The temple roof directly above the Golden Buddha.

I can’t wait to go back to Thailand again.